"I needed an urgent service for my shoes after a wedding I thought was cancelled, due to COVID, was replanned at short notice. The fact that they could pick up and drop off my shoes, meet my schedule, and to my delight, were insistent on following social distancing rules, ticked all the boxes for me. My shoes looked as good as when I first purchased them too!" - Nathan, London

Fulham Shoeshine is a bespoke shoeshine service based in Fulham, London. We operate remotely, offering the only collection and drop-off shoeshine service in London. Our customers enjoy the convenience of an in-person consultation and collection from their home. Using only the finest quality products, leather footwear is revitalised and transformed.

Highly polished shoes using shoeshine technique in London

Our Short Story

Founded in 2020 during the COVID epidemic, Fulham Shoeshine’s goal is to provide an accessible, convenient and high-quality shoeshine service to London’s shoe lovers. Using only the highest quality crémes, waxes and moisturisers, Fulham Shoeshine offers a range of service levels to ensure that whatever your reason, your shoes truly shine.

Founder and head-shoeshiner, Jason Cleaver, has long held a passion for leather footwear. He developed his technique over the course of his 10+ years working in the City of London where he quickly learned that whilst presentation isn't everything, it certainly helps!

Regularly complimented on the mirror shine applied to his shoes, he was often asked how to achieve this. Upon giving advice it became clear that most people didn't have the time or enthusiasm to achieve the almost-unobtainable mirror shine. So here we are! Told you it was short.

The Process

Together, we’ll arrange a time and date for collection at a location that works for you, whether it's at your home, office or wherever you’re most comfortable.

Once booked, you’ll be greeted by one of our expert shoeshiners who’ll run you through the service levels we offer and explain how each will transform your shoes. Once you’ve agreed upon your bespoke service, you’ll work out a delivery date based on your availability.

Your shoes are whisked away and we work our magic. We then return them to you, better than new! On delivery you’ll also receive shoe care tips on how to maintain and care for your shoes so that you don’t need our services too often!

Why Us?

Asides from being the only collect and drop off service in London you mean?

Well, it can take years of practice to perfect the mirror shine. Fortunately we've got it down to a T and we'll have those shoes shining quicker than you can say "Gosh that was quick!"

Okay, Okay! We know that not everyone wants the shiniest shoes and we also know that some people need that mirror shine. We offer a range of services to cover all requirements.

You might have an interview, perhaps a wedding or even a date (we all know that shoes and hair make the biggest first impressions, right?!). You have the perfect pair of shoes but oh no, they’ve definitely seen better days. Not to worry! We can rebuild almost any leather shoe, returning it to it’s former glory, and in many cases we make them shine even brighter.

Our Shoeshine Services

We use Saphir products exclusively. We know from experience that their range of moisturisers, waxes and crémes achieve the highest possible shine whilst providing the ultimate nourishment and protection for leather footwear.

For breaking down the wax layers we use saddle soap. We then moisturise the base leather using Saphir's renovatuer. After leaving overnight to allow the essential oils to be absorbed. We then use Saphir's Médaille d'Or créme 1925 followed by their Médaille d'Or pate de luxe wax polish to bring to a high shine. If you choose our tier 3 service we'll also use Saphir's mirror wax to achieve the glassing effect(which can totally be achieved by using pate de luxe wax, it's just easier!)

It should be mentioned that achieving the ultimate mirror shine is not always possible as it depends on the quality and condition of the leather. Don't worry! During your consultation your shoeshiner will evaluate your footwear and explain just how each of the below services will restore, revive, transform or even resurrect your beloved shoes.

Tier 1

mens shiny derby shoe

Full cleaning of leather upper followed by building up an even color base with Saphir's créme. High shine and a protective layer are then applied using Saphir's pate de luxe.


Tier 2

shinier mens derby shoe

Full breakdown and rebuild using Saphir's renovatuer, créme and pate de luxe to nourish with essential oils and building that high shine and protective layer.


Tier 3

very shiny mens derby shoe

Full breakdown and rebuild using Saphir's renovatuer, créme and pate de luxe to nourish and protect. Finally, an application of mirrow wax to achive the illusive glassing effect.